Cubase Linux for Cubase version 12 or 13 (or 14)

There’s probably a few devices in my home that runs on some derivative of Linux. But I thought we were talking about personal computers, not smartphones and dishwashers.

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Windows is getting slower with every iteration.

Proof? That’s an urban myth IMO.


Obviously you don’t either…

What do you think is “shared” between macOS and Linux? If at all, nothing of relevance for a DAW: filesystems, audio, video, graphics - none of those is shared.

How many applications have you successfully deployed on a large variety of distributions over multiple years, withotu re-installing the whole system each month?

If it was so easy - why do you think did most major Pro 3D Graphics/CAD/CAM vendors ditch Linux support?


I love the expression “OS techno-dogma drama” :smiley:
I will use it in my professional environment (which is IT) - thank you, Raino! :slight_smile:

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Yeah Linux would be so awesome. I bet there are tons of musicians, who barely know how to work their Macs and PC’s enough to use their DAW, that cant wait to jump in and compile 3/4 of their system when they get it!!

I bet the pro studios just cant wait to tell clients they have to wait a week or two for booking while they piece together all the components from various repositories and hope it all builds, and then configure everything!!

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But what about all the other software and hardware not a bad idea but i think windows is the best platform as it the most compatible and customizable …

Give it time.

Even Microsoft went from the days of Ballmer’s “Linux is a cancer” to releasing their own Linux distro just this week.


And that distro proves all the points against linux in this thread.