Cubase load times Mac M1 vs AMD3950x

I just wanted to post that the same (fairly large) project loads in 24 seconds on my Ryzen 3950x PC and 8 sec on my Mac M1 air (Cubase 12 silicon).
Unfortunately Superior Drummer 3 isn’t Mac m1 ready so I’m kinda hooped because I use it a lot…

Without A LOT more data, this doesn’t tell anyone anything.
Like, are both computers using M.2 drives? Same amount or RAM? Same speed on the RAM? Etc, etc…

Superior Drummer 3 is ready for M1 Macs, however they have not any VST3 support and Cubase for Apple Silicon does not have VST2 support.

Yes, I realize superior drummer VST2 works for Mac M1, that doesn’t help me with Cubase obviously.
The Mac M1 has 16 GB of RAM, the PC has 64 GB of RAM. Both use Nvme m.2 drives

I thought I’d just re-iterate how much faster Cubase (12.0.30 in Rosetta) loads a fairly large template on my Mac M1 Air (512gb ssd 16gb ram)than on my Ryzen 3950x PC
Mac M1: 19sec
PC 30sec


All the same plugins although I have to still run Cubase in Rosetta on the M1.

Again, this drives me crazy. 8 seconds om my MacBook Air M1 to load the exact same project that takes 25 seconds to load on my Ryzen 3950x PC.
Both computers using M.2 drives, Mac 16gb ram PC 64gb ram.
Any ideas why?

Faster nvme?
Faster RAM?
Faster buses?
Faster CPU (M1 is a year younger, no?)?

Sure, all those things could make a small difference, but 200% + difference?

Well, across generations you could have a doubling of bandwidth on m.2 alone. You could literally have an nvme drive that delivers 2500MB/s and another that does 5000.

But yeah, a big difference.

Maybe faster and more integrated ram and better controller, projects are loaded in ram, I think it is very important, more than m.2 disks. Apple laptops have all controller optimised for one hardware, everything is more compact and not so modular as desktop PC

Update: Superior 3.3.3 is using vst-3.7

Yes, I have it now. In fact most of my plugins are silicon compatible except Native Instruments and IK T-Racks

So did it have any impact on launch time?

No, however it makes my Mac Air M1 almost complete!