Cubase loads then crashes

I’ve experienced this particulair issue before. Back then I had to run a system recovery on my CPU, trace back a week to when Cubase was working properly. Only now even that doesn’t work. So I need help.
Basically when i try and open Cubase it starts to load then after nearly two seconds it then crashes. Shows a message saying “a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available”
I’ve read numerous threads online from people sturggling with said message, only they get it after Cubase already opened, while opening a project. I can’t even get to the startup screen.
I’ve done the following:

  • Running it as administrator (doesn’t work)
  • Trash perfs (doesn’t work)
  • Looking for updates (none improved in the slightest, same issue still)
  • Scan my CPU for possible threats (no improvement)
  • System Recovery, but windows claims that my antivirus program prevents it from doing so, even after i deactivated it, tried it in both safe mode and not.

You guys got any other tips?

Oh, and I use Cubase LE AI Elements 6 64bit.

Thanks in advance!