Cubase locking up when closing project

Hey there guys,

I’m on a desktop PC (i7 7700K) with the latest version of Windows 10 and the last released version of Cubase Pro 9.5 and a Focusrite Clarett 2Pre (Thunderbolt interface). I have a physical iLok dongle (newest generation) which has all my licenses activated. All the dongles (eLicenser and iLok) are plugged directly into my motherboard.

Randomly when closing projects in Cubase after working on them for a while, the project closes but Cubase completely locks up. I can’t access the menus or perform any action in the program. My only option is to kill it within Task Manager. Samsung Galaxy S20 tono de llamada

I’m starting to suspect that this may relate to iLok protected plugins. I was working on a project recently which only used the Reason Rack plugin and Cubase didn’t seem to exhibit this behaviour until I added Relab’s beautiful Sonsig reverb plugin.

Tonight, I was having some fun comparing some reverb plugins. This project had a few Spire synths, a few EQuilibriums and 4 reverbs, VVV, Sonsig, Raum and R4. Once again, the problem occurred while closing the project.

Sadly it’s not consistent at all. When I try to reproduce it, I fail. It’s only when I’m working as normal and leave the project open for a while that it occurs.
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Has anyone had a similar experience and if so, do you also think that iLok is the root cause?

I don’t really want to approach the nice guys at Relab until I can be sure it’s either their plugin or PACE itself.

Huge thanks

It definitely seems like a plugin issue , i had exactly the same issue if i put RICH into my inserts , save the project , shut Cubase and it locks up , the only way to shut it is with the Task manager .
Im afraid if you haven’t got any clues on which plugin could cause this then it’s a painstaking thing of removing the plugin’s from your inserts and closing Cubase . I was lucky due to only adding 3 third party plugins between saves so once i removed then Cubase closed as normal