Cubase Logic USB MIDI

Hi, I’m a long way user of Cubase, and still working on the unit. Therefore I had a chance to work on the actual version of Logic. I worked only few hours on it, but there is one thing that got me. When you want to use one of your external instruments on Cubase you have to connect it before you start Cubase. If you don’t do it the Cubase won’t see the instrument in the midi device’s. Then I’ve plugged an instrument into Logic and it was ready to work already. Is it possible to make it easier like this with cubase?

not for pc , no

that’s a shame.

I don’t know if this will help (or make any sense for that matter) but I have a midi controller keyboard (M-audio Keystation Pro88 but I assume it’s the same with most midi devices) which can connect either by USB or standard 5-pin midi cables (1 in/1 out). Since connecting via USB means that I’m using the “USB<=>midi interface” which is built into the Pro88, turning off the keyboard also means that the “USB<=>midi interface” is also turned off and you get the problem you described. However, I bought an “ESI Midimate II cable” which, as long as it’s plugged in, is always “on” (and I’m sure the power usage is negligible) so I can connect my Pro88 using a 5-pin midi cable. Thus, as long as I leave the Midimate connected I can connect/disconnect or turn the keyboard on/off whenever I want without having to restart Cubase.

I came here to ask a similar question. There is no way to re-scan for connected MIDI devices without restarting Cubase?