Cubase Loop Content on external drive


I have à small 256 Ssd drive in My MacBook Pro and want to ask if I gain anything of installing the Cubase 7 core on the OS disk and the other content (retrologue, padshop, Halionsonic, plus all other cubase 7 content) on My external drive? ( of course if its possible to make them install on another drive ?!?)


you want to install Cubase on your system disk but it’s up to you with the content but I wouldn’t advise using an external drive for possible streaming issues

Well said.

Is your external connection to the ssd:

1-USB ( 2 or 3 )
2-Firewire ( 400 or 800 )
3-Thunderbolt (1 or 2 ) ?


Hi…it is fw800…i will run Stylus Rmx content from that drive too!



it is the same for the Sequel Loops, I can choose where to Install but I am only allowed to put it on the OS drive!?

Is this the same in Windows as well??

Steinberg content installer needs to be a lot more flexible in offering user paths to user defined destination and directories. They tend to scatter files every

Some times with the vsti’s they can’t even find there own content after installation which is really frustrating, where which cane be really frustrating as they need to located and then moved or copy to folders on the so disk.Check out the vsti forums for info on that.

There’s no problems here with storing loops on a USB 3 drive but be sure to select the copy to the project directory after a previewing them, essential for streaming large files as well as creating complete backups of the project.

No, you’ re free to install to where you want to (Cubase).