Cubase loses key commands and doesn't load presets


i’d like to report a very annoying problem with Cubase 10: it constantly forgets my key commands and sometimes won’t even accept my previous ones from Cubase 9.5. This appears to be randomly as well, it did work some times, but more often not.

Following this procedure from the documentation currently does not load my (extensive) key commands:

Loading Key Command Presets
You can load key commands presets.

In the Presets section, open the pop-up menu and select the preset.
The key command preset replaces the current key command settings and macros.

Even when i set up new ones, they are gone after a restart of Cubase. Highly annoying in a production workflow.
The same is by the way true for generic remote control settings and storing/loading presets.

Addendum: also, it seems that the corresponding functions lose their values when recalled, too. For example, i have a key command to bring up the midi velocity function window. Usually, on Cubase 9.5 and before, this would store my previous settings automatically (very good! i use it to compress midi velocity all the time with the same values), but now these previous settings are gone after a Cubase restart.

I’d be verry happy for any idea to determine if this is an individuall issue on my system or a general bug. Thanks !


Make sure Cubase doesn’t crash (silently) when you quit it. Cubase stores all of these data while quit. If it crashes while quit, the settings is not stored.

Hi Martin,

thanks again for the input ! How could i find out if it crashed silently ? Some Windows log ? At least it seems to close properly.
I had this quit-crash-problem with an earlier version, where i always had to force Cubase to quit via the taskmanager/kill process (but even that didn’t bother with the settings. I think it was v8.5 or 9).


In the best case there would be common Cubase crass dump in the Documents/Steinberg/crash dumps folder. I expect Windows writes a log, but I’m not a Windows expert, sorry.

A hint of crash is for example the fact, that the last opened project is not stored in the Recent projects list.

I have the exact same problem.
Cubase randomly loses my key commands and the generic control information.