Cubase loses MIDI port routing assignments each session.

Cubase doesn’t remembers my port routing assignments and names for my dual Midisport 8x8 interfaces under the Device Settings. In Device Settings I labeled every port with it’s corresponding synth but the input routing pop-up doesn’t show the names of my synths as assigned. It always defaults to the first Midisport 8x8, i.e.; my Waldorf is assigned to the first Midisport 8x8, port 1 and my Sequential Circuits is assigned to the second Midisport 8x8, port 1. When I launch Cubase I have to reassign the Sequential to it’s proper port because Cubase routes it to the first Midisport 8x8, port 1 where the Waldorf is instead of where I routed it in Device Settings. This is true for every synth on the second Midisport 8x8, each one shows up routed through the first Midisport 8x8 instead of the second so at the beginning of every session I have to reassign them.

Any insight is appreciated.