Cubase lost 3rd party synths

Hi. I had to reinstall Omnisphere and now when I load up a project it can’t find Omnisphere. I have to reload the plug-in, as it’s still available , but all of my patches/presets that were saved with the projects are gone! I have about 50 projects.

Did you install the same version of Omnisphere as before? Did you maybe install a VST3 version (which could have a different plugin id than the VST2 version and thus be session incompatible)?

The same version but yes, I believe it installed the VST 3 and 2. There’s no choice when you do the install. Should I just delete the vst dlls in the vat folder?

I mean vst 3 folder

Some developers give different plugin IDs to VST2 and VST3 version, which can be a PITA, because then Cubase cannot recall session data for the other format.
Still seems a bit weird, because you said you installed both versions, and one of them should be able to load and recall session state. Maybe the VST2 got blacklisted for some reason.
You should check in the Cubase Plugin Manager what versions of the plugin are installed or whether something is blacklisted.
And maybe just try do move the version you had NOT installed before someplace else for a test, so if you had the VST2 before, move the VST3 file from the VST3 folder, restart Cubase and see whether it works.

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Thanks for your help. I’ll give it a try.

So sure enough, once I removed the Vst 3 file it worked! I’m not sure what’s going to happen when vst2 goes away, but thank you so much for your help!

I’m pretty sure this is some bug in omnisphere, it should not happen that omnisphere cannot be found by Cubase just because you have both the VST2 and VST3 version available, that is rather common. There are two scenarios: either VST2 and 3 have different plugin ids, then cubase should load the VST2 in projects where VST2 was saved, or they have the same plugin id, in which case Cubase could load the VST3 version, and that could load the VST2 plugin state (VST3 has a mechanism to transparently replace VST2 versions if implemented correctly).

Either way, for the upcoming planned obsolescence of VST2, I suggest to save a preset for each VST2 instance used in a project with the preset saving mechanism of the plugin itself (not the Cubase internal one).

You bet. I’ll definitely save my presets for Omnisphere outside of Cubase as well. Thanks again for your help.