Cubase lost custom key commands after crashing

Cubase crashed. upon restarting it all the custom key commands are gone. how can I recover them ?
I reloaded my custom preference file, but apparently in doesn’t store custom key commands there


I’m sorry, if you don’t have a backup of your preferences (or at least the Key Command.xml file), there is no way, how to recover your custom settings.

I do have Key Commands.xml file in the preferences folder, but it got over written or something, by cubase crashing, I just went and re-assigned my custom key commands that I remember so far.


The Preferences fold, it’s not the backup of the Preferences folder, sorry.

I would recommend to copy (backup) the Preferences folder, once you are done.

Thank you, I wish I knew that before.
the more I use cubase the more workarounds and precautions I learn to take because of how cubase loses settings and gets files corrupt.
hopefully Steinberg will fix issues like these soon.