Cubase / Mac help in Islington, London

Hi, if there is anyone who is cubase/mac literate and based in Highbury, Islington and available for occasional help, please get in touch.
Many thanks

what seems to be the problem.

i have been talking over the phone and email with professional technicians all week and have got no further with this…basically i have inadvertently created some phantom hardrive so everything in the wrong place. it would take pages to explain it, hence need to someone here in person - i have renamed to original hardrive name etc etc…
but thanks!

hopefully this specific problem is being fixed by a friend of mine. but he is rarely available…so would be great to know somone local in times of technical diffulculty…

also up for collaborating with someone local who wants to produce dance/indie-pop/experimental tracks…electronic but with lots of live strings and other instruments. checkout my website…

this problem still hasn’t been sorted out!
the engineer who came over to fix it has written this so it explains the problem better than i can…

“What I think you did is accidently created a partition (or folder) on
your LaCie external HD, and then somehow made it so that Cubase
started treating this partition/folder as the default destination to
save files to and retrieve files from; and then deleted the
partition/folder you’d made. So now Cubase is looking for everything
in a non-existent location; so sometimes it can’t find your audio
files without being prompted, and it’s asking you to save your project
files in this non-existent location. This can be worked around by
opening each project file, locating the audio, and saving the project
(with Save As) back in the original location on the LaCie, replacing
the existing file each time; but it would be better if we could re-set
Cubase’s default file paths to look in the right place again for all
files; which I couldn’t figure out how to do…”

apparently he did all the usual things you do to put the audio and paths back onto a particular pathway, but it didn’t work. The paths seem to be routed to Networks/volumes then alias LaCie’s…( btw i do not have any internet on this computer, so no network set up…)
i have cubase SL 10.4.11 on a mac OSX

any tips would be greatly appreciated
many thanks

i am still sorting this out! very strange not being able to write for a couple of months…hopefully it will get sorted today.

someone from a shop in north london did come and see if he could fix it, but i was left with all my icons ‘faded’ ( even tho i can open projects )and lots of other icons and folders and my hardrive generally in disarray. not a pleasant experience!

it would be great to know someone locally - usually i only have minor probs!


I’d wipe everything except the projects (unless you have proper backups of same as you should) and start from scratch. Faded icons usually mean hidden so you may want to look into that.

If you can access a project and find the missing files then Save to New Folder or Project Backup to a new location would be a good idea and sort the jumble.

thanks mashedmitten

we discovered today that the icons were only faded if opened from ‘finder’ if i open a song once cubase opened, then they are normal colour.
and everything is there…all the audio etc…but it’s disconcerting to see the faded icons…

It’s ok now! Still a few strange looking icons and folders around, but i won’t delete them just in case they are important!
( )