Cubase Mackie protercol Icon.

Hi guys. I’m having a terrblie time using Cubase Pro 10 along side an Icon Platform M+ under Mac.

I’ve set thing up accordingly and when using the Icon platform under Cubase there are a number of midi options that are mapped incorrectly. So I’ve set up a user file under the icons imap software and I’ve correctly mapped everything perfectly. However when I save that profile and reload at a later stage the icon simply reverts back to default setting which means I have to repeat the correct mapping’s from scratch. I’m not getting very good support form Icon so my quresion is does anybody who uses a platform m+under a mac be able to send me an imap user profile for Cubase please.

Many thanks



Profile takes the data from the preferences folder. This means, you have to make the changes in Cubase. Then you have to quit Cubase to stress the settings to the preferences files. Then start Cubase again and save the Profile. Does this help?