Cubase Macros - Intelligent?


Might anyone be able to figure out a macro that will export out a series of midi notes, in individual clips, as named samples?

In my case I have a series of midi notes that produce the sounds that I want to ‘sample’. Each sample (midi note) goes up by one semitone.

I wonder if the Cubase macros system is sophisticated enough to increment text for file names (like C3, C#3, D3, etc.), or even use a lookup table to get the text. I doubt it, but that would be so nice… just set if off and when it is done have a collection of samples ready to use in Kontakt, etc.

See the image below for what I am referring to…


Not really since Macros don’t support variables which is what you’d need for naming. You might want to take a look at the new Export options in Cubase 11 - specifically the capability to queue up a batch of exports.

Thanks. I haven’t wanted to jump in to 11 yet.