Cubase Makes BBC SO Impossible to be Used


I have purchased Spifire’s BBC SO, and after having installed it I noticed the sound stuttering to no end. At first I thought this must have been the plugin or even my computer specs, and having tried multiple tweaks I finally found out that it isn’t a matter of tweaking the plugin: cubase is the problem. I loaded The exact same tracks onto Reaper and encountered no problems. At this point I’d also like to point out that Cubase always gives me trouble with my Kontrol S88. Has anyone had those problems?

Im using windows 10, i7 3.6 ghz, 32gm RAM and an SSD Samsungo 970 EVO Plus.

Please help me make BBC SO usable!

Cubase what ? Be exact.

Can’t speak for BBC SO, but I have a Kontrol S88 and haven’t had any problems with it in Cubase. You’ll need to be more specific about what’s happening.