Cubase makes periodic loud noise when playing ekit

Hi, when playing an ekit live, Cubase4 periodicaly makes a loud noise
and no more info can be received until it is through

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

lol Split :laughing:
All I can say is I play my ekit all the time and this doesn’t happen.
Are you just running midi through Cubase, or are you triggering a VST instrument with the kit?

I am running either Superior Drummer 2 or BFD 2, all alone, no other tracks, Cubase 4. Makes loud BLURRT loud, then buffer seems to catch up and all the hits play at once, BANG!, and then it works again. This happens to split, with 16g of ram?

No BFD is fine on my system, although I don’t trigger it externally! sorry my humour is probably getting lost in translation

:laughing: ROFL!!