Cubase manual cheapest online printer?

I was thinking of getting a nice copy of the C6 manual, done. My first quite was £159 UK - too steep for me!

I wonder if anyone could find a cheaper place?

I, too, would like to know this one. It would be cool if Steinberg worked with On Demand publishing service like Amazon has, and offered the manuals at reasonable prices. I’ve been using Cubase for many years, but I haven’t been really taking advantages of new added features because I don’t like reading PDF manuals much.

Get a freakin’ b/w printer, print both odd and even pages, put all of it in a ring binder and be done with it already! :unamused:


+1 That’s what that huge (laser)printer at work is for!! :laughing:

its 708 pages long. Even if you print them on both sides of the paper then its 354 pages. How many ring binders? Who is puncing the holes? I have one of those comb binder hole punchers - a single slip and its back to the printer. How many binders? Maybe get away with 50 pages per binder


A good on line printer with some form of proper binding would be the best job -IMO

Who is cheap enough though, to do the job for the price of a Chinese take away?


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Not being flippant but try getting used to the PDF. Ever been woorking away and get stumped by something you don’t know or something you just forgot. Type a few word in the PDF search and there’s the info.

Can’t take the pdf to the can ;I know, but I don’t personally gain from reading about CB if its not up and running in front of me.

I have papers with prepunched holes and something that apparently directly translates to “fork binder” that takes 750 pages. It’s full but not crammed.

Somewhere in the back of my mind something rattles around telling me that this is a swedish invention and maybe no a world standard. Maybe the world is flooded with them, but this is what they look like.

Prepunched A4 printing papers is around $10 for 500.

Your first bid is what I bought the printer for! :wink:

Also true! I use it all the time for stuff I almost know or have forgotten about haha! Great to just [alt]+[tab] between Cubase and Foxit PDF Reader.

Stuff like the freak accident Device Panels that almost works if you are really focused need another kind of reading so if I print something out it’s stuff that burns my brain out to the point of not being able to compute and read at the same time. :mrgreen: The plugins reference PDF is also nice to read to keep track of all the tools in Cubase.

The big manual is maybe not something I’ll print out, since the older versions that came with a book I’ve already read them enough haha. I only need to read up on the changes. If you’re new to Cubase or you want to expand from say audio recording and need to learn MIDI or whatever a printed version is a good idea.

How about an electronic book reader like the Kindle or Sony Touch, they can read PDF.

Cool. I’m reading the manual in HTC Desire HD now. Best of all, the search works! :sunglasses: