Cubase Marker import to Wavelab


maybe this is covered somewhere - but I can not find it yet. I can recall that it was possbible to transfer Marker from Nuendo to Wavelab via AES Export/Import - since I do most of the mastering work (I often do Stem Mastering etc) In Nuendo or lately Cubase this was always helpful.

Since some years I am using Cubase exclusively and now I have a classical project in a one-hour cubase project with about 36 Track titels, yet set as Markes (coming from a client already).

Is there a more elegant way to export / import to a Wavelab Montage then typing the time-positions manually into the montage? This is so boring and causes errors.

Since Cubase and Wavelab are working quite close together and when it comes to CD Montages / DDP File creation I need to use Wavelab (which is fully ok) I wish there is a way to just convert a Cubase Marker Track to a CD Montage…



Well, I can’t answer for Nuendo or Cubase, but if they render markers, these can
also be converted to CD markes, if they follow this naming convention:

Marker names must contain either:


Note: the above is a copy of an old note of mine. I did not check recently.

how can this be imported?

I tried XML and Midi, both is not working…

The mixdown WAV file must include these markers. Does Cubase or Nuendo support that now?

No, unfortunately not - I can export the marker track since a couple of years to a track-archive (xml file) - as well as I can export a Midi File containing the markers… But it seems that there is no way to import that in Wavelab.

For now I will open the Cubase 9.5 project in Nuendo 6.5 (wich I still own and which is installed on an older system) - export the markers in an AES File and import that in Wavelab.

Cubase does not support AES.

Maybe this would be a VERY nice feature to have when there is a easy way tranfering markers from Cubase to Wavelab as Steinberg promotes/sells both application as a “perfect team” instead of having a CD burning feature in Cubase (like in Samplitude). I am very fine with this concept in having 2 applications for that because this is exactly my workflow…

But it would surely be easy to have a XML import option featuring marker tracks? You have to take care with the time base of that track because Cubase can have tempo-changes etc and when the time base of that track is set to “musical” than the markers will not be “locked” to the time-position (instead they are locked to the “bars”)…


Just a question. Can Nuendo and Cubase interchange XML?, but not with Wavelab XML? Nuendo has AES31, so can interchange with Wavelab AES31. AATranslator can interchange all three, but that’s yet another program. Has anyone asked that AES31 be added to Cubase?

AES in Cubase would be nice - but these are some of the features which are Nuendo only - I do not think that Steinberg will put AES31 in Cubase…

Better would be to have some more simple export/import feature… maybe when WL would support XML coming from Cubase/Nuendo… I tried importing XML archives (containing the markers) in WL but there was an error message - not possible.

I’m not trying to derail your feature request, but I wanted to ask if the AES-31 file you create from Nuendo and import to Wavelab has the correct final marker positions in Wavelab, even if the Cubase session was set to “musical”? I’d think that would be translated correctly in the AES-31, but maybe not.

Maybe Steinberg would not add AES-31 to Cubase, but has anyone asked? If the Cubase and Nuendo XML are interchangeable or translatable (I’m asking if they are, AATranslator seems to speak of them as if they probably are), wouldn’t it make sense for Steinberg to add AES-31 to Cubase, if the translation to AES-31 has already been programmed in Nuendo? And wouldn’t that include more information than just the marker information?

If you’re having to go to a whole separate system to do this in Nuendo, you might want to try a demo of AATranslator if there is one. The basic inexpensive version should make an AES-31 from the Cubase XML. Worth a try until the feature is added to Wavelab I think.

I own AA TRanslator - I will give it a try! For the moment it was the easiest way to just open the Cpr (without audio) on the other Nuendo system, export AES31, import to WL… I have not used custom names for the marker (like PG descrived above) I just manually changed the yellow regular markers in WL to the red CD Markers later… Positioning was fine, but that project was with a fixed (because there was no tempo) tempo track (classical recording).