Cubase Master & Pro Tools Slave via iConnectivity mi10

Hi there,

Ive been using Cubase Pro 10 as a Master and ProTools 12 HD as a slave for video playback/dia/sfx via iConnectivity mi10 for quite sometime all perfectly normal.

I’ve moved studios recently and set the rig back up all correctly and have somehow forgotten how I set this up a while ago. But I can’t seem to get Sync to happen.

Anyone out there tell me what settings should be enabled and configured here?

Currently -

Cubase -
Project Synchronization Setup
DESTINATIONS - MIDI Clock Destinations = mio10 DIN 10

  • MIDI Timecode Destinations = mio10 DIN 10
    MACHINE CONTROL - MMC Slave Active enabled, MMC Input - not connected, MMC Output = mio10 DIN 10

ProTools - Peripherals - Synchronization = MTC Reader Port - mio10, DIN 10
Transport - Online and blinking says waiting for sync, MTC Button Enabled

Any Ideas?

Cubase Project Sync Setup source should be Internal if Cubase is Master

Figured it out!

Interesting, I know you’re right shanabit about internal timecode but I didn’t change that part of cubase or protools for that matter. It was an internal setting in mio10. I guess if anyone needs help with this specific setup let me know!