cubase + mbox 2 mini = DISASTER

hello guys i have a problem. i searched the web for an answer and didnt get it maby you guys can help

i have a digidesign /avid MBOX 2 mini, latest driver installed. i have Cubase Studio 5.5.3 and the demo of Cubase 6.
on both, the latest driver of the sound card doesnt work well it has pops and clicks and makes cubase crash all the
time. it only happens with the latest mbox driver.

so first i thought that there is a problem with my Sound Card’s driver
but as it turns out it happens only with cubase. i also use reason (no problem there) and with
protools (no problem at all). it happens only in cubase, and only with the latest mbox driver

does anyone have any idea?!
can i contact steinberg about this? this is a serious problem

Texas Instrument IEEE 1394 chipset?

I´d think that should not matter with an USB interface…?! :wink:

They come in both flavors according to Google. :wink: :wink:

how can i check it?

Can you link me to the one that shows the mBox 2 mini with firewire? Can´t seem to find it…

Depends oin your sytem…

Second link in the list. :confused:

Seems, you must have a different list then…

i dont have firewire i use usb

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Nate! Google doesn’t neccessarily show the same links to every user. It may depend on your location, data they have collected about you, etc …

That’s one of the reasons, it’s almost useless to give someone a Google search keywords and expect them to receive the same information as you do.