Cubase Mediabay cannot see preset saved in HALIon 6 or HALio

Cubase Mediabay cannot see preset saved in HALIon 6 or HALion Sonic 3. :frowning:

  1. Load HALion 6 or HALion sonic 3 in a track instrument & open it.

  2. Load in the first HALion slot the preset (it’s just a example you can choose any preset) from Raven library called “A New Beginning”

  3. Right clic on this sound slot and choose “Save As” and save the preset like this

  4. you can see the new preset in your HALion mediabay (you have double “A New Beginning” preset)

  5. Open Cubase Mediabay, locate your HALion user folder and… no new preset show !

So basically the new preset is present in the HALion family Mediabay but not in the Cubase Mediabay ! (even if the preset is “physicaly” present in your User Halion VST3 Preset folder !

I’ve remake some new libaray like : “Eagle” / “Raven” / Hot Brass etc… and it’s the same for all.

Note that I’ve made some years ago the same thing for the HALion 5 Libaries and HALion Sonic 2 Libraries and it’s work inside both mediabay HALion family and Cubase one.

I find anything I have done in Halion 6, does not show in Cubase’s Mediabay at all.

I note all the Halion 6 content is tagged as Halion Sonic, and that does show - but nothing relating to Halion 6,

this probably needs to be corrected in a Cubase update, rather than a Halion 6 update

I just came across the same thing you have been describing.
In Halion 6 Media Bay everything is visible but in Cubase Media Bay is nothing (you can rescan as often as you want)
One exeption …
Two days ago I imported a Kontakt nki file (with its samples) and saved it as a Halion 6 preset and this
one was stored in a folder named imported and is shown in Cubase Media bay as a Halion 6 vstpreset.

Hi Home Studio 87,
I tried to reproduce your Problem here with Cubase Pro 9.0.30 build 266 (64 bit) and HALion 6.0.15 build 1041 (64 bit) under Win 10 Pro 64 bit.
But even if the preset name remains the same, all with “Save as” saved presets will show up in the Cubase mediabay too.
I noticed that the Media-rack on the right side has sometimes problems to update the GUI but at the latest after a re-launch of Cubase the presets show up.
best regards
Gerrit Junge

The thing came back to “normal” after buying new computer… :wink: but I don’t know why… :frowning:

I realize this is a reply to a thread from months ago, but if anyone else is having this problem I just wanted to say that in my case it was completely fixed by trashing the Cubase preferences. In fact it fixed things I didn’t even realize were wrong!