Cubase Melodyne sync issues

Hi all,

When using Melodyne as a plug-in in my Cubase Elements 8, there are always tempo and synching issues, which seem to be very common based on other users’ stories. So I’ve just been using Melodyne as a stand-alone and then importing the fixed tracks back into Cubase when ready.

My main question is this–what is the best way of exporting audio to Melo if a track I want to edit is not all in 1 take. Ie- i want to fix my lead vocal, but that track is comprised of 5 overlapping takes/punch-ins/etc. When I ‘glue’ the takes together and remove all overlaps, they are still not a single wave file in the project’s audio folder, so if I import them they are still separate. Then when I re-import the edited waves, I have to realign them and they’re sometimes a bit off sync, and it’s a pain.

Can I just solo the vocal take and do an audio mixdown to wave file and then edit that in Melo, or does that cause a major loss in quality? I tried it and it sounds mostly fine to me, but not sure if there’s some loss of quality I’m not hearing.

My last question is, is there a way to make Cubase and melo sync up more accurately, even with songs with lots of tempo changes, ramping up slowly and ritarding, et al?

Sorry if this is a bit of a noob question, I’m usually more of a musician than an audio guy.