Cubase memory problem

Hi all,
About two weeks ago I replaced my memory banks with new ones.
4x24GB 7600Mhz, brand and type approved by the motherboard manufacturer.
Memory was automatically detected by the bios and set to XPM1 7600Mhz.
Windows 11pro and other programs are running fine.
For Steinberg the following happened:

  • Steinberg download assistent, lots of download errors.
  • Cubase 13, spikes, freezing, gone in a blink of an eye, Windows freezing.
  • Halion 7, freezing, all types of errors.

When I manually change the memory speed in the bios to 4533Mhz everything works fine. Issue is reported to Steinberg and under investigation.

What I like to know if this is a problem what more often is happening?
Thanks for your reply.

Couple things, 4 sticks of DDR5 is hard on the memory controller, it doesn’t matter that the modules are on your board’s QVL. Even if you are able to post at 7600, have you ran memtest at all? Overclocking memory, especially 4x DDR5 sticks is not entirely a set and forget affair, especially at that speed. Run memtest overnight, see if you get any errors (I would suspect you will), then you can better determine if Cubase is at fault, or if you need to revisit your overclock settings.

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thanks Semarus :+1: