Cubase Menu Gone and blueish and don't release focus!???

So, I´m now using workspaces (first time really because I always had two monitors before.) this is happening to me now when I open a project using “file open”

The main menu turns into the default windows 7 blue color even when I’m using Windows 8.1!. The only way to get the visualization correctly is to change focus with ALT+TAB

Also If I had Cubase maximized, it takes complete control of the mouse focus and the hided task bar is never showed unless I “exit” cubase with ALT+TAB

My task bar is set to auto hide and it’s in the top of the screen
My Video Card its a GTX970
SO Windows 8.1
Cubase Pro 8.0.10

BTW, in that blueish bug the Cubase Program Icon looks fine, but when I’m in the regular Cubase Dark Look, the Icon looks cropped like I was in a low def monitor or something