Cubase messing with internet?

Not sure if this started happening after I installed 8.0.20 but I’m sure Cubase is messing with my internet:

  • Chrome/Firefox open work fine

  • Open Cubase and Chrome/Firefox open, works fine

  • Close Chrome/Firefox while still working in Cubase

  • Open Chrome/Firefox at some point while still running Cubase and websites like Google/Facebook/Gearslutz won’t load, some do… Not sure why and It will only return to normal after reboot and it works fine again…

What on earth could cause this… Some weird Firewall permission? The Hub doesn’t load in Cubase either even though I added an allowance for C8 in the Windows firewall, no other firewall.

Anyone else experienced this?

Bump, any suggestions as to where to look? Internet works fine with a small lightweight browser called QT but keeps cutting off with Firefox/Chrome if I close them while C8 is running… so it’s def C8.