Cubase Meter Display and VU Plugin placement Is meter better in Cubase 11? More options?

Metering questions:

  1. Is the 50 to 0 numbering in the FADER of Inspector and in MIXCONSOLE based on dbFS full scale? If I am at 6 to 8 on that scale, is this Cubase telling me the input of that track is -6 to -8dbFS?

Every time I read articles, most never specify dbFS or RMS or PEAK. It is clear that most people record WAY TOO HOT and I am going to try and focus on -18dbFS average aka 0dbVU with letting the occasional peaks (heavy guitar) maybe go as high as -10dbFS…

Second question. I came across a nice free VU metering plugin called mvmeter2 by TBPro audio. Is this type of meter best placed on the INPUT bus as I am tracking or on the AUDIO 01 track?