Cubase midi blues! Converting midi to audio.

I’m pretty sure I am beating a dead horse, but I just want to confirm what I probably already know or hopefully I can find some alternative ways to solve this.

Before anyone says anything about what I am using, just bear in mind I am working with what I have.

I’ve looked it up, and I am under the assumption in cubase 6.5 artist you cannot record via busses, so correct me if I am wrong, but I cannot convert midi to audio by routing it from midi output to audio input?
I am not sure I understand the freeze function besides just as a way to free up CPU, but I want to make this kick and snare track to audio so I can double it up or EQ because as it stands as a single kick and snare track (I am using halion sonic SE) it just sounds not as big as I’d like it. Perhaps it could be the EQ and mixing as I am not very efficient in that but I have been tinkering with this all day and I cannot get it the way I want it to sound mix wise, the kick and snare sound “good” on their own but as a mix they sound buried. The EQs and effects on halion don’t really sound good IMO either so I am at a loss at what I should do.

Any help appreciated thanks!

Aloha h, and welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

This may or may not help because:

1-I have C6.5 (not Artist)
2- I use Instrument tracks (not MIDI tracks)

That being said; this may still help.

Using the 'Export function try to export one track.
In your case try either the kik or snr.

While in the Export d/log box near the bottom there is
a tab called: ‘Import into Project’.
Tick the lil box that says ‘audio track’.

Now Export.

That should put an audio file of your kik or snr back onto the
Project page. (and in the pool if you want)

Then delete or mute the original MIDI track or
have them both play for a bigger sound.

Rinse and repeat for all other tracks and ‘bob’s yer uncle’. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good Luck!