Cubase midi channel random /incorrect reassignments

I am running VE Pro 7 on a slave machine with Cubase 10.5 on my main iMac PC.
My template is set up correctly to route instruments to Cubase from VE Pro however periodically (frequently) on startup I find an instrument in Cubase not functioning.
Investigation results in finding that the midi channel assignment in Cubase has changed to some random port which does not map to anything in VE Pro. I need to manually re-input the midi channel in Cubase to correct the problem.
Any ideas as to why this is happening? I am due to u/g to Cubase 12 however if there is no fix for this I wont be upgrading.
Appreciate any thinking on this, thanks.


Do you disable some tracks by any chance?

Not at all.
Typically an instrument in VE Pro has 3 - 6 instances for different articulations etc, therefore midi 1 - 6 assignment in Cubase are set up in my template for the corresponding channel required.
As mentioned, there are no changes made and the setup works fine, however later the midi assignment in Cubase will randomly re-configure itself to 9, 12 - whatever.
This does not appear to be a new bug, judging from various forums.
If there is a fix in Cubase from Steinberg I’d like to know about it, definately not planning to upgrade to Cubase 12 until this is resolved.

So, no resolution to this persistent Steinberg Cubase bug?


It’s hard to find the source of the issue, when we cannot reproduce it clearly.

We in fact reproduce this error on a daily basis, several times in each session.
Also other forums report the same identical issue, and have done so for some time.


Would you be willing to share your template (via Private Message) for the testing purposes, please?

Hi Martin, yes, that sounds like a good idea. Just let me know what you need me to do. Thanks
Maybe we should continue this discussion over emails?


You can delete all the MIDI Parts and the Audio Parts/Events from your Cubase project template (if you have any there). You can remove all the plug-ins (but VSL) from the project.

Share the template via Dropbox or other service for sharing files. Send me the link via Private Message here on the forum. (No emails, please.)

Thank you

Ok Sent. Thanks Martin

Hi Martin, any progress on this issue? happened again today: instrument in VE Pro has just 2 articulations so these are mapped in Cubase to 2 tracks using midi channel 1, 2 respectively.
However on startup I found they were changed by Cubase to 15, 16 which makes no sense at all, there is nothing on these channels. Appreciate any updates. Thanks