Cubase, midi controller and folder tracks.

I have been using Steinberg’s Houston controller for a while now and recently began modifying some settings to be able to do more with the controller and less with the mouse.
By means of the number-pad on the Houston, I can now enlarge tracks, move between tracks arm tracks for automation writing and open the ‘edit channel settings’ window (a window I use quite often).
It is with this last function that I run into problems.
I often select a track by the select button on the Houston (above the mute and solo buttons). Once selected I push the dedicated button on the Houston number pad to open de channel settings.
However, when the selected channel resides in a collapsed folder, the track is still selected (which I can see when I open the folder track) but I cannot open the channel settings as long as the folder track is closed.
Any idea of what’s going wrong here?


I’ll check if that works with my cc121, hang in there :sunglasses:

Just tested, using the cc121 I can indeed open and close the channel settings window of the selected track, irrespective of wether it’s open or closed.

Thanks for checking.
Just curious: how do you select a track in a closed folder-track with the CC121?

Selecting the track in the mixer is the easiest way. Using the prev/next track buttons on the cc121 I can’t select tracks in a closed folder unfortunately. I can however open the folder, select whatever track I want, close the folder and said track remains selected. I can still open/close the track edit window from the cc121 now. With the folder closed and a track inside it selected, the previous/next track buttons on the cc121 skip to the first track outside the foldertrack.

That probably means that the CC121 uses another command than the one I use to open the channel setting.

Basically, the number-pad on the Houston uses the keycommands, so I’ll have to check if it works that way with my regular keyboard.
If it doesn’t, at least I’ll know it has got nothing to do with my Houston.

Ok, I never really looked at keycommands yet, the default ones suit my needs for now. Can’t you use it as generic remote?

I wouldn’t want to use it as a generic remote.
The Houston is purpously build for use with Cubase/Nuendo and works fine otherwise.
I’m going to test it with the a shortcut (keycommand) on my regular keyboard and see if it acts the same.
If it does, I can report it as a bug I guess.

ok, well good luck either way :wink: