Cubase - MIDI Device Manager - Crash (1.48 MB)
MIDI Device Manager.

I tried importing the old one and Quit Cubase and eventually Cubase crashes with blue screen.

I tried importing the old one and resave it from C6 and deleted all MIDI Devices, then restart Cubase and importing the resaved file. Cubase crashes but no blue screen, and when restarting C6 it crashes every time (on “MIDI Device Manager” during splash screen). At this point I cannot run Cubase without first deleting “Midi Devices.bin” from “AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6_64”.

I also tried with a blank slate, and add a couple from the built-in list. I still have to delete the “Midi Devices.bin”, in order for Cubase 6 not to crash before starting it up again (no blue screen). If I don’t it crashes every single time on “MIDI Device Manager” on splash.

Files attached.

I use Cubase otherwise without any other problems. I haven’t used hardware devices in a couple of years. This was the first time in that amount of time that I tried with the hardware stuff again. :slight_smile: I’d like to be able to use the Cubase MIDI Deviec Manager.

Maybe an introductory explanation of what your problem is can generate some real help. “Cubase Heavy Crash” and then a zip file? I don’t know what you’re on about…

Old what?

A couple of what?

  1. There are two files in zip archive. Not the resaved.xml one. Importing into MIDI Device Manager.

  2. A couple of harware devices in the MIDI Device Manager.

My problem is that whenever I add, seemingly anything, into the MIDI Device Manager, whether importing or from the built-in list, I cannot use Cubase afterwards.

When importing from an old exported list (the file with the longer file name in zip) of hardware, it crashes blue screen. Importing from the resaved (the other file in zip) file makes Cubase crash when starting up during splash screen and the last initializing text in the splash I see is the reference to “MIDI Device Manager”.

Either way I have to delete the “Midi Devices.bin” in the directory “AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6_64” and everything is back to working great. But no MIDI hardware devices. I haven’t used my hardware devices in a long time, but has decided to get back into them again.

Oh and I did try trashing all prefs before.

Sorry for the unclear post. Hope this will clarify. I guess I got flustered, because I have never had Cubase problems before, or at least not to the point of not being able to use an entire feature. I mean I can use the MIDI devices of course, just not the name lists, preset bank/program selection, etc.

Okay, thanks for clarifying. I have no experience yet with xml device files and Cubase 6, but will in the near future start to try and get my hardware synths added. So you can’t add any device, even from the dropdown list? That sounds quite serious. Sorry 'bout not having a clue - hopefully someone else has. You might want to add info on your MIDI PC interface and driver…

Luck, Arjan

I have only tried the ones in my files. And a couple in the built-in list… WaveStation A/D was one of them.

This is my own personal stuff, which consists of one MR 816 CSX and one CC 121 in terms of Cubase. A bunch of plugins, of course. I got all the latest versions of everything.

Everything works fantastic for me, never any problems, except for the MIDI Device Manager, apparantly. I just tried starting to use it again, after all these years, and consequently then, my “alarming” post. :smiley:

Changed the title to a little less “OMG”… :wink: