Cubase midi editor bug(when recording midi)

I run in Win 10, Cubase 11. When I record midi with very short Buffer Size(Like 128 samples), it sounds ok but some of the midi notes display wrong. For example, a full-bar note should be a “long rectangle”, right? But there is only a short rectangle start from the beginning of the note, then a gray line(or you can say a thinner, long rectangle) to the end of the bar, looks like the bone of a note. It’s like fishes swimming in the pool but they have no meat on their body, only bones left. It’s really weird!
And it showes the same when I restart cubase, seems like the bug has been planted into the project.
With more tests, I found the bug appears when I use sustain padel. If recording with no sustain padel, it seem ok.


Could you attach a screenshot and ab example *.cpr file, please?

This showes up everytime when I am recording notes with sustain padel.
But if I record without sustain CC, everything is ok.
I don’t know what happened.
Do I need to reinstall cubase?

The test Projet is down here:

BUG REPORT.cpr (655.9 KB)


It seems, you attached wrong screenshot or project. I don’t see any MIDI Part at bar 83, as your screenshot is. So I cannot find the exact same bar at the, as it is at the screenshot.

But if I open any of the MIDI Part available in the project you shared, I cannot see something like this.

Could you please make screenshot, which also contains the Toolbar? I would like to see your Note Expression setup.

Solution: Disable the Show Note Expression Data option in the Toolbar, please.

Thanks for replay.
I slightly modified the project, there is only one piano track.

BUG REPORT-01.cpr (486.0 KB)

And the screenshot is as below:

When I was recording, the gray lines appeared everytime I released the sustain pedal.


Yes! That’s it !
I seldem use this function, that strange graphic really makes me uncomfortable.
Thank you so much!