Cubase Midi Editor Improvements

I’m a bassist and guitarist. I’ve been composing and arranging music since the application of Cubase SX. I’ve been using Chord Track but most of the time it doesn’t articulate chords the way I arrange them sometime.

I sent this message to Cubase Support:

I was advised to post and make the suggestions on Cubase forums as well because the developers will read those inquiries from time-to-time.

In the Cubase 12 midi editor it displays a piano roll. Is it possible to add guitar and bass fretboards displaying the corresponding string notes and fret numbers and be able to toggle between the piano roll and fretboards?

When selecting a note on the fretboard it would show the corresponding note on the grid.

Attached is a graphic I made showing an example.

6 String guitar or baritone, 4, 5, or 6 String bass.

It is my understanding there is no DAW that exist that does this.

I would guess the reason no DAW does it is because it’s less straightforward than it seems. A piano roll only has one instance of each note while a fretboard has several. There are some plugins that do this but it requires some way to decide which string/fret to use and the ones I’ve tried has been a little convoluted.

It would be great though if someone figured out a good way of doing it. I’d use it.

Possibly not, but Guitar Pro has an animated fretboard display. If I understand correctly, you’re suggesting a fretboard display as well as being able to use a graphic of a fretboard for note input?

(unfortunately no graphic was attached to your post, but I think that’s because you need to have made a certain number of posts after joining before you can upload graphics – forum rules)


:+1:t6:It would be nice to enter notes and chords according to finger position.

Exactly, approaching from a guitarist standpoint. :ok_hand:t6: