Cubase midi expert

Hi, wondering if anyone could help me find a working solution, will give a cash incentive to someone who can give us a viable working solution

The task we have at present is we have 1000 midi songs

Each of the songs contain different midi information such as several time signatures and tempo changes.

We are currently creating audio files from the midis.

Our current process is to open a single midi into cubase, halion sonic then assigns it own instrument sounds to each midi channel upon opening the midi. We then assign our own sounds and export the audio

We are looking to see if any experienced cubase midi specialist can give us advice on how we could import several midi files at once into one project window, (that all keep their relevant midi information like tempo, time changes, midi info etc as it would be in each midi file. then batch export then all at once,

we have been doing it but notice that after the first midi file is opened the sequential midi files after this do not keep their midi info such as tempo, time signature etc and wondering if there would be a way to config cubase to this so that we could load 5/6 midi productions into one project just like you would by opening each midi in their own project window in cubase, thx in advance

cant offer you a definite solution…

Might want to go to file-preferences- midi- midi file - import options

then play around with the settings…?

Mainly, you need to uncheck “Ignore Master Track Events on Merge” in Prefs>MIDI>MIDI file in the Import options section.