Cubase midi handling

Sooo, i was kinda sick of how crappy cubase midi performed for what i was working with today…

Yes, cubase, self proclaimed master of midi…

So i started looking around because i needed something that actually worked for this session…(with vst3 support)

Downloaded reaper demo… A $49 or so software… Didnt care much for the gui etc, but after 30 minutes, i had it set up right (including external controllers, musicioapp, mixer/mediabay screen adjusted etcetc.) basically had it working just fine including knowing most important keyboard shortcuts and active in a session…

Low and behold, it had much better and tighter midi handling than cubase…


How can this 10mb übercheap software outperform our expensive/multimillion$ Company backed 30 years experienced and beloved cubase?

How is this possible?

Given, i have grown quite fond of our cubase gui etc… But come on… Come. On.

There is something seriously wrong with cubase… Somethings actually…

Whats the deal?

The crappy midi i was refering to was midi timing and midi input from external sources

Loop midi open on pc (in and out port)

Cubase connected to musicio app ipad via lightning

Cubase sends midi clock to patterning via musicio through loop midi A
Cubase receives midi data from patterning via musicio through loop midi B
(I like them euclidian polyrhythms)

Groove agent se receiving said incoming midi data.

To begin, we place a 8bar loop from bar 1-8 in cubase…

Every time the loop restarts the midi “hicups” and isnt really useable
3/4 of the time, the midi does not get routed - gotto wait a while and pray that the midi in activates again
(Seems 8note input is too much to handle?)
Groove agent se pad lights do not always light up as they should either.

Strangely, in the reaper demo, which i used for this session, it works. I am pretty sure that it also works in any other music software with good midi implementation.

People, its called basics. Good timing is key. Playing well with others is also key.

Stop whining , sending your psychic bad vibe golems into my dreams and work on yourselves.

Back to basics for you.

Midi timing, midi timing with audio etc.

Get core functionality back up and running please.

On a sidenote and unrelated to 99% who read this: ich bearbeite was ich will. Und momentan bearbeite ich euch.
Its called true love and passion. Thats why i care. Im not the one with eyes wide shut.
Do it right and people wont run away when it rains…

Considering how widely Cubase is accepted as the absolute king of MIDI… have you considered that maybe you’re having some sort of hardware issue, or maybe you forgot to tick a certain checkbox?

Yes, cubase is the emperor of midi in his shiny new clothes…

Look, if you love something, you care and wish it the best… Then there are things like business and the marketing dept…

Edit: Given, it can do soo much in midi… But… It cant keep time… Maybe someone needs to exchange the battery in the midi clock…idk…

What I’m saying is that you should to try to troubleshot your issues before blaming the program for them. Have you at least done that? You also didn’t even bother listing what you’re using besides musicio. Did you search the internet to see if anyone else using the same stuff as you is having issues? Did you try ticking “Use system Timestamp for Windows MIDI/DirectMusic Inputs”?

Yes yes, im not a noob…

I actually know what i am doing…

But thank you for “sniff” being there and caring :slight_smile:

Edit: i guess it must be love if we pick up the half-assed abandonware named cubase and try to follow through and finish what was started a lomg time ago… Even halion 5 only has like 5 multis…lol… Everywhere i look, its just “ok, it could do A-Z as intended, but got stuck at ABC”

With this i will dream on and hope for the best… You still have my support. Sorry for the tough love. Going to concentrate on the positive again and stop whining about what “should” be… For now…

Happy new year @all and, thanks for everything:)

-It gets boring if its always the same person

  • throwing a boomerang at eachother from a distance may seem like fun at first- until someone gets hurt… Give it to the other guy for one throw… He will show you that you need to walk together, put all your strength into the shot, and have the boomerang be gently passed to eachother as it comes flying back… Its not a frisbee you know;)

I used Performer for a few years way back when it was not even a DAW yet in the 1980’s, (Digital Performer came much later). It was a great midi tool, I assume it probably still is, best editor and step timer I can recall using too. Cubase is still clunky by comparison. That’s always bothered me, but when I came back from a long hiatus from making music, I went PC rather than Mac, so at that time, Digital Performer was off the list. Cubase was the composers choice. No contest.

One of the other things to blame is the MIDI spec itself… methinks it needs some acceleration. Everything else changed around it in music tech, but it still that pokey old protocol. And Windoze is not as efficient with it as the Mac is (At least that’s the impression I’ve gleaned from reading so many posts here and elsewhere). Some bit watcher’s going to refute all that I bet.

But I get your rant, latency sucks. Specially if you have lots of hardware gear, I believe you do.

We can only hope such venting catches the eyes of someone who sees the value in changing it.

Reaper may be ugly (ish, as you can skin it) but its hard to beat for CPU efficiency. And price.

I have it in my toolbox as a go to sometimes.

This ol thread?:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey northwoods:) - hope you had a good new years n so… U r always good news…:wink:

(deleted personal worries and facts)

Gonna stay factual… And lets bury this thread after this post…

Link is the way to go for sync…

Midi can be freed from glitchy drifty timekeeping and focus on data…

Hope you and your loved ones are doing ok… Wish you the best, bud:)

Awwww schucks! Well, same to you, may your 2016 be musical and rich. Getting that syncing feeling is okay sometimes! :laughing: