Cubase Midi Insert Arpeggiators broken?? Timing & Erratic Freeze

I’m trying to do something simple using either of the arpeggiators (Arpache 5 or Arpache SX) to play a simple note repeated pattern and then freeze the midi so that I can have full control over each midi note for editing.

2 issues encountered:
1- Timing - Even if I play back with perfect timing when recording, there always seems to be some sort of ‘lag’ on some notes. Triggering note changes isn’t instant as expected.

2- Freezing - Once I have a pattern I’m pleased with, using the ‘freeze midi modifier’ command splits the notes out but does so erratically and not as played for some reason eg I could have one pitch being repeatedly triggered but when I freeze it, I get a bunch of different pitches.

Quick search on the forum and found nothing on this.

Are the arps in Cubase broken which is why no one bothers to use them and if not, has any one else encountered or noticed these problems?

Any input on this is much appreciated, thanks.


The arp starts exactly at the moment of Note On. So the safe way is to quantise the start note.