Cubase Midi Mute automation

I’m trying to live with cubase.
I wanted to automate midi mute.
First question: Before touching something, when i was setting a mute automation, and override it , the override lasted till the end of the arranger track, now it last a few second then remain as the defined automation?
Second question: I would like to set initial mute at few position of the live (arranger track), but i would like them to stop resetting the overridden mute value till the next mute point recorded int the automation track.
Ex track 1 got a mute on but after this mute on, i override it to off, and want that it last off, on according my next override till the next automation mute on, which i will them override on/off again till the next mute on point, in the automation track, looping like this till the end of the live?

Thanks in advance,
Have a good day,