Cubase midi notes edited - want to repeat

Hi Everyone,

I have created 4 bars of piano and drums that are finished. I want to repeat them for the duration of the song.
The easy way is to copy and paste them (not actually that easy to paste to snap).

If I paste the “live midi” , they are all editable and susceptible to damage.
I only want the first one to be editable, and all the subsequent ones to play a version of it.

What is this called and how do I do it please?



If I understand you right, this is a shared copy. Drag an stop the MIDI Part to the new position while holding Shift + Alt modifiers.

Thanks Martin, That’s not working, but thanks for trying. I’ve downloaded some keyboard shortcuts. I think I can use Control Shift L to lock the midi box and then I will copy and paste that box repeated. There’s probably a function for this, I think Logic and Ableton etc assume you want to work this way.

With the Shared Copy all are editable, but all of them are the same at the end. Like an alias. So if you edit one of them all other change the same way.