Cubase MIDI ports just stop sending data [Solved]

I just set up 8 Mackie Controls in the Studio Setup to send data to Bome MT Pro. To find ( 2 hours in ) that some ports just stopped sending data. There was no real reason, the ports just stopped. Very disappointed.
I Have to abandon the whole thing as I don’t want to be half way through a session and have this happen.
Has this been fixed in Cubase 11? I am on Windows 10, Cubase 10.5.3

I’ve been using Bome for years with multiple remote devices simultaneously I have not seen this.

Did you troubleshoot at all? What were your findings?

Steve at Bome said that Cubase is known to do this. I think I will take his word for it.
He said that he has to delete the remote devices and then re insert them to get them to “come alive again”. I will have another go at it with less Mackie Controls and I will assign things in an order that hopefully Cubase will understand. Cubase better not waste another 2 hours of my time, OR ELSE!!!

Good luck. I read the topic over at the Bome forum, I’m curious as to how/if you solve this.

Nope, it’s busted. I added 8 MCU’s, was capturing the track select MIDI data when I selected different MIDI parts from inside the Key Editor, all was going swimmingly, I had about 10 or so tracks done inside Bome MT. But then Cubase started sending the same MIDI message on the same virtual port if anything at all no mattter which MIDI part I selected inside the Key Editor.
So I deleted the MIDI tracks and re created them (which has sort of worked before) but nope, it’s busted.
Maybe I was expecting too much from what looks to be Cubase’s fairly outdated and primitive port system.

So Bome MT has all 9 available virtual in ports open, Cubase has 9 Mackie Controls with their MIDI output connected to their Bome MT counterpart. In this video you can see that Bome is receiving zilch. This is, by the way, after sitting up last night setting up 56 instruments all with 10 Translators each. Last night and this morning Cubase was sending data fine. But then… zilch. I tried removing the Mackie Controls and re inserting them, nothing!. I’m going to keep the projects though in the hope that Steinberg takes a look at this. I don’t care when, just as long as thy do it.

what is you are trying to do exactly in basic terms? Sorry I haven’t had the time to abstract exactly what you have going on yet.

As I said with my other post (Not sure why @steve removed), another issue is similar with forwarding/thru-ability, is splitting. Cubase can many times only send one thing to one place, for example, if you set all the Quick Control inputs in Studio Setup to CC21, only the first quick control will work and all the others will be dead.

I use 3 Launch Pad Mini’s connected to Bome MT as my control surface for KC’s, navigation etc.
I have them configured differently with LED’s and functionality for each instrument.
What I was trying to do was set it up so when I select a MIDI Part or even just click on a note in the Key Editor, the Launch Pad’s would configure to that instrument. I got it going ,albeit temporarily.
I’ve got the projects locked away for when Steinberg decide to fix this.

I found out what was killing the MIDI ports. For some reason if I hide the MIDI tracks in the Mix Console, they stop sending data. Joy!