Cubase MIDI Remote can handle MIDI and Sysex operations with scripts?

Hi, I’m new to Cubase 12 and I saw Steinberg made a big deal about the new MIDI Remote feature.

From every videos I watched, it was all about creating an interface with the MIDI learn (cc, note on/off, modulation…) and link those basic MIDI messages to Cubase functions (play, rec, volume level etc). Nothing really ground breaking.

Is there a way to go beyond those basic MIDI controls assignments and do more complex operations like Sysex message translation & operations, CC to Sysex from a MIDI Remote or External controler to another…
That would allow controlling and integrating external MIDI hardware seamlessly to Cubase. A bit like with the squest MidiQuest plugin in a way but taylor made.
It would require some scripting capabilities in JavaScript or else to do the MIDI / Sysex messages operations.

Is this something feasable and available yet ? I did not find a lot of details about that.



I’ve used midiremote extensively with scripting. Given you can send sysex at will on the basis of various events (I use it to update the display on my Icon Platform M+) I suspect scripting will support what you are seeking to do.
It’s really intended for bidirectional communication to the same device (an In/Out Pair) but with a bit of scripting and some loopmidi ports you can add fake ports and route them as you like, but it’s definitely not a routing system - your “to another” support would be awkward I suspect. There is no midi merge in it either so you wouldn’t be able to route to “outs” to one “in” etc like you might require in a flexible routing system (again you could probably do that with some external routing mechanism).

I haven’t tried receiving sysex from a device into midi remote either.

So - you might get some of what you are thinking of out of midi remote scripting. About the best I can suggest.


I fully agree with @robw .

Now, since I’m using the mOnSysex event, I could say that “Yes” you can perform translations in there ( I actually do this for some stuff) to a CC for example and then send this one to another defined input port of your script (since midi remote supports more than 1 pairs).

You can even do such things with midi CCs, by binding them to custom host values.

However, even if it does work, one should always take into account the extra delays (latency) which will inevitably appear.

Long story short, to be on the safe side, I think we should just accept the midi remote for what it is designed to accomplish: a utility for remote control of our DAW.
There are scripting ways outside of Cubase to cover such needs, I personally use Bome MIDI translator and Java for such tasks.

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Thanks guys, that’s very promissing. I found the github repository for the Remote Control API across the forum : GitHub - steinbergmedia/midiremote-userscripts: A place for user created MIDI Remote API scripts

Steinberg should add it to the developper forum that would make sense.

Thanks for your help!