Cubase MIDI track for external device

Hey guys

This is my first topic/post, so be gentle! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got cubase 6 and I’ve been using it mainly to control my POD HD500 via MIDI. I’ve managed to control the pod and have the pod control cubase just fine, but there’s one problem I can’t resolve…

So the way I do is creating a midi track, then just write what I want on the right lane, whether it’s program, modulation (expression pedal) or other. It looks like on the attached image.

It works fine appartt from 1 thing, which is, whenever I stop playback it makes my exp pedal value go to zero, and I can’t figure out why! All chase events are off, “reset on stop” is off, and it does not make that if do “extract midi automation”…what’s up with that???

Captura de ecrã 2014-01-19, às 21.35.09.png