CUBASE: Missing location tree in the "ChooseTrack Preset" window

Can someone tell me how to get back my folder structure in the “Choose Track Preset Window?”
I don’t know what happened but the folder structure has disappeared and all that’s left is this one folder. I’ve tried clicking on every option within this window, and nothing works. I’ve disabled the location tree and re-enabled it. I’ve restarted Cubase.
The actual folder that houses all the track presets is intact in my Steinberg folder, but for some reason, Cubase is not reading it correctly, or at least not displaying it correctly.
Is there some sort of preference file that I can trash and then have Cubase rebuild the view? I can’t seem to find anything in my Cubase 12 folder. I’m at a loss.
I should add, that everything appears correctly inside of Cubase 11. IT’s something going on with 12.

I am having the same issue, I can only access Audio Track Presets…

OK, I found this post…give it a read, and follow the instructions, should resolve your issue…it worked for me!!!
So tired of Cubase bugs on little things! (Create Using Track Preset tree empty) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums