cubase mix my modx cubase midi tracks

Hi all,

I’m having troubles setting up my midi recording workflow with Cubase 9.5 and my yamaha MODX8. I can record and playback midi on all 16 parts to a performance on the modx but i don’t succeed in mixing (mostly vol + pan) from within cubase afterwards. I mean control the volume and pan from within cubase for any track doesn’t has any influence on the playbacked sound coming out of the modx. Very strange. I never had such an issue before with whatever other keyboard. This might be some setting somewhere… Can someone please help me out on this?



Can you inspect recorded MIDI data, please? Is there MIDI CC7 (Volume) or MIDI CC10 used?

I found the reason for not sending CC7. Because the midi out on te cubase track is set to “any”, it does not know on which channel to send the CC7 control messages. So it seems that the default implementation in Cubase is NOT to send CC7 when the midi out is on “any”.
This seems logical but could have been implemented better. They could have made this configurable so that one may configure the CC messages in case midi out is set to “any” so that cubase uses a cached list of midi channels received on this track and send the CC7 to these channels. E.g. recording a multipart modx performance with keyb ctrl on part 1 and 2, so sending on midi channels 1 en 2. In cubase the midi out is set to any so cubase can reproduce the midi events on both channels. Using the volume slider should send CC7 on channel 1 and 2.

so 3 config settings:
in case of “any”
1/ don’t send control messages
2/ send control messages to the used track channels
3/ send control messages on al 16 channels

No idea why we should use the setting 3 but i added it for completeness…


When MIDI Out is set to Any then the MIDI tracks sends MIDI data at all MIDI Channels. It depends at every single MIDI message, which MIDI Channel does it use.

If you set MIDI Channel to 1, all MIDI messages are converted to MIDI Channel 1. Even thought there is a MIDI message (MIDI Note or MIDI Controller or PitchBend…) on Channel 2 in the MIDI track, Cubase sends it out on MIDI Channel 1 thanks to this settings.

But if you set Any, the original MIDI Message Channel is used.

More info here.