Cubase Mixdown (Solved)

Cubase Problems after rendering (bounce) midi to wave file.

I am having some major problems with Cubase 8.30. This started when I upgraded to Win7 Ultimate 64bit OS. It is a little puzzling to say the least. Here is my problem:

  1. Setup 4 midi tracks
  2. Attach VST plugin’s to tracks
  3. Bounce render each track
  4. Play back audio tracks

Now this becomes strange, on one or two audio tracks there is a spike in audio, no sound of the rendered instrument, just this crazy noise. I never had this problem before. It even gets stranger.

If I get a clean rendering of the audio and save the work, reopen the file, the audio one of the tracks continue to exhibit the spikes and audio problems. It could be a track that was fine, in fact I don’t what track the problem will happen on because it is not consistent (on the same track all the time). One track that was not fine will be ok and another track has problems.

I will open the tracks one by one in an audio player and they are clean, but not in Cubase. This happens even if I start a new project and import these wave file into the project I still have the problems.

I can play the separate audio files outside of Cubase and they are clean. I remove the audio from the pool reinsert them into Cubase and have audio problems again.

I was using a USB 3 external HD and whenever I would mixdown to it and close the program, restart the program the renderd wave files were so bad … finally I renderd to the local HD to a folder, renerd all the midi files and found that the wave files were just fine. Oh, by the way don’t ask me why.