cubase mixer console scrollbar inputs do not scroll

Shortly, i have a new audio interface (Behringer Xair XR18). Before that, i used to work with only one stereo input, but now i have 18 inputs. I put them all in the mixer console.
Now when i use the scroller, to scroll through the tracks, the inputs do not scroll, leaving very little place for the other channels. How can i make the inputs also scroll?

Try and see if this works, zoom in, maybe default keyboard “H”, then see if the scroll bar appears. When it does, after you get the mouse on the scroll bar, you can scroll by “click, hold and drag”, or the mouse wheel, or the arrow keys.

It may need to be ‘in focus’, meaning that you may have to click somewhere in or on the mixer section first.

Then you should see that section surrounded with a white border around it.
Try clicking on one of the fader meter windows, which shouldn’t change any values.