Cubase mixer zoom issue (PC)

Hi folks!
I tried searching about this issue but didn’t find anything usefull. A friend of mine got on my computer to fix some projects, he has same version Cubase 7.5 on a different machine and when he opened his projects on my computer the mixer won’t resize to full zoom. It just won’t fill the whole window. (SEE THE PICTURE).
Does anyone have a solution for this? I re-installed … even windows… tried different resolutions
Please help!

Instead if having the mixer set to the “maximized” state, I suggest that you set the mixer to the “restored” state and drag it to the size you want. I believe it will save that setting after you save the project. If not, then you must go into the Cubase preferences to change the save setting section. I can’t remember exactly where that is right now as I am not at my PC.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks so much for the help but it’s the same no matter if it’s maximized ot not…

So no one has this issue?