Cubase + more than one device (Mixer)

hello! i have this crazy idea to buy two ZEDi-10FX mixers and run them both to a laptop. have anyone tried to work on Cubase something like this to make multitrack recording? Of course it would be simpler to get a larger mixer…


In general you cannot use multiple audio devices at the same time, if the driver of the device doesn’t support it. As a workaround, you can use ASIO4ALL driver on Windows or Aggregate Device on Mac. This will merge 2 out more audio devices and you will use this as an audio device in Cubase.

Thank you Martin, now the question it’s making more sense (:
here’s an interesting link
i’ll check it out at ASIO4ALL web site…

ok, here’s one solution:

Voicemeeter Banana with up to 8 channels per device

it’s Donationware software

here you can find user manual:

you can write to Vincent from VB-Audio and get very fast answers, nice fellow…