Cubase most popular DAW in UAD Forum Poll

At time of this posting Cubase is top DAW at over 31%.

I just saw this at the UA forum…
Surprising given that UA is not officially supporting Cubase/Nuendo at the moment.

Any updates on this Steinberg?
I saw a post recently that said Steinberg and UA are working on it.
So…any updates to mention?
Keep us informed please.

I love it :smiley: poor reaper fan boys will be crying their eyes out :laughing: :laughing:

Most people with UAD are still using 6.5 anyway I would of thought in a professional capacity

Using Cubase 7 x64 without problems (finger crossed) with UAD ! :wink:

Yeah, I’d like to see the UAD and Cb7 problem resolved, although I haven’t noticed problems myself… Yet…