Cubase/Motif Editor Questions (screenshots via Imgur)


My goal is to use the sounds and arps of from the Motif. Combine them with or VST instruments, (vocals, and other instruments down the line). I feel i shouldn’t need to look elsewhere for sounds at first because i have more than enough to start with in the Motif. I see on the motif when I play the instrument the red buttons show it is activated I either hear a hard feedback sound, or no sound at all.
Attached are screenshots of what i see while in Cubase. As discussed in prior messages i don’t mind taking it step by step for true understanding, just want to make sure you know what my goal is and what i’m seeing. As always thank you for the help.

Start up Process
1.Connect UR22 USB to Laptop
2.Turn on Motif XF8
3. Turn on Laptop

These are the screens I see in Cubase. I’m trying to make sure what I expressed as my goal is achievable (link: