Cubase mousepad?

How can I score one of those sexy Cubase mousepads like in the picture from the support page?


Always during promo videos and clinics and NAMM you see mousepads, headphones, cables and whatever else is being used all branded by the company name of whoever is presenting. Wish I could buy some of that stuff…

One other option is to scan the box or download a hi-res image of the logo and use Zazzle to print a mousepad. I did that with my band logo. Came out great.


Zazzle does the printing:

They print directly onto the fabric. The quality is the same as the fabric topped foam mat mousepads you buy in stores. At least mine is. Been using it for over a year now and no noticeable fade or anything.


Well, I’ve done plenty of t-shirts using the iron on’s and here’s my feedback on that. If you use the transparent one’s, meaning the one’s meant for white and other light colored fabrics, they are AWESOME! They hold up extremely well to washing and I have several shirts many years old that have the same fading degree as my regular professional screen printed shirts like you’d buy in the store with band logos and such. Only difference is they are nice and natural feeling - meaning absent the rubber screen print feeling.

Now, this entirely depends on your printer ink!! I can’t stress that more. Some printers use crappy ink that easily fades with water exposure, but most nowadays are good and don’t suffer that, it’s mostly a thing of the past as they are all staying competitive. I use an Epson Artisan printer and the actual Epson branded ink and it’s awesome.

For the colored background iron-ons I can only say stay away unless you have no choice. They hold up decently with washing but quite soon starting leaving white “crack” lines. That’s not the big problem though. The big problem is they literally feel like an uncomfortable cheap plastic sheet pasted on your shirt. That and they are hot as hell! Don’t plan on wearing one’s with them in warm weather. There’s also the PITA of cutting them seamlessly so no white bordering is present.

Anyhow, that’s the gist of it. If you have any other questions I’d be happy to further share my experience with these products.


Those are the one’s I’ve used, Avery as well, so I can attest they work very well.