Cubase moves my markers unintentionally

I’ve set 23 markers at cue points in a video.
Occasionally CB moves some of the markers by itself!
The marker track is set to linear timebase and locked, all other tracks are set to musical timebase.
Anyone else seen this ?


Do the markers move against the video (time) or against the Bars+Beats? Do you change the tempo in the project?

They move against the video. There’s only one gradual tempo chance later in the piece.
Some of them move far way from their position.


It looks very similar to the Musical Mode + Snap Point offset bug, which makes the events move away when you toggle musical mode.

So markers could also exhibit weird offset bugs ?
I know the two issues may not be related at all, but still, both seem to have a similar internal issue, that’s why I’m posting here.

Did you find a way to reproduce it reliably ? There must be some specific actions that are causing the markers to move away.

Not yet. I’ll post if I find something :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

It’s definately random. For example just now one marker has moved :thinking:
I haven’t changed any track to linear or musical mode or done anything - only inputting notes and changing expressions.
And the marker track is locked.

I’ve not see this happen…

Two questions in no particular order

  • what is the position of such a moved marker before it’s been moved, and what is it after it’s been moved?

  • What is the setting of the ruler for Time Linear or Bars+Beats Linear?


Well - this last one was moved from bar 52 to bar 13.
Sometimes more (but never all…) markers are moved - always backwards (I think…)

The same as in your picture.
Thank’s for trying to help :+1:

One of the weirdest issues I’ve seen. There must be a way to figure out what’s causing it.

If you feel like PMing or posting the .cpr (with the minimum content that could trigger the prob), I’ll check it out.

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I’m afraid it’s too large to post or pm here (i’ts 14 mb - the limit is 4 )

Upload your .cpr to a hosting site (like dropbox, box, and so on) and sent the link to Steve.

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Thank’s :slight_smile:
Give me a link I can send it to (from Google drive or sim…)
It’s too big for pm’ing here…

Thank you @Steve for taking care! If you need some help, you know, where to find me. :wink:

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As @Makumbaria advised,

(or post it in your reply.)

I can’t pm you. You don’t accept messages at the moment…

@Mads_Vinding try now.

Done :slight_smile: