Cubase moving audio objects when switching to musical mode?

This problem has been annoying me forever and is not specific to v8. I’m fairly sure I’m just missing something really obvious, but pretty often (not always go figure) when I switch an edited audio object to musical mode so I can make it follow tempo changes, it will suddenly change its position in the project window, sometimes even sliding under another audio object making it even harder to fetch and put back at the original position.
The only way I can prevent this is by converting the said object to a new file…
What is causing this odd behavior?

OK… I am “reading between the lines” here, but I suspect you are in the following situation…
You have your audio file cut into several segments on the track, and when you change the tempo of the track, not only do those segments change tempo accordingly, but the segments themselves change start position. I am guessing that this is because the audio track is set to Linear Timebase (a “clock” icon). Change this to Musical Timebase (a “quarter-note” icon), and the segments will retain their positions relative to the bars+beats grid. (But you will need to do that before changing the tempo :wink: )

Thanks for the reply. No that’s not what I’m referring to.

You have your audio file cut into several segments on the track

That’s correct.

But my audio track is already set to musical timebase. Now if I want my audio to stretch along the grid if I’m changing the tempo, I need to activate the “musical mode” in the audio editor (and also make sure the tempo is set correctly).
But when I do the audio segment moves in a seemingly random place on the grid and I have to manually put it back in its original position.

When you say “edited audio”, what kind of edits are we talking about? What happens if you Freeze the edits before making any tempo changes (so that it is, effectively, working on new files)?
Otherwise, yes, we are talking about the same thing :wink: (I took it for granted that the audio file itself was set to Musical Mode :wink: )… and, if you have your track set to Musical Timebase before changing the tempo, then it should indeed behave correctly.
Try a little experiment (to see if the problem is indeed random)…
Before making any changes to the tempo, duplicate the audio track, and perform the operation on both tracks. Do they both go wrong in exactly the same way?